Healthy, Pre-Made Meal Plans, Customized to Your Exact Preferences and Schedule

Personalized meal plans are the perfect solution for busy families. Have strict dietary restrictions? (No problem!) Picky taste preferences? (We'll accommodate them!) Only 30 minutes to cook? (Easy!)

Simply answer a few simple questions to set the parameters, and we do it all for you—a complete meal plan, shopping list, prep timeline, and more. Plus, an integrated and fully accessible app you can access from anywhere. What's not to love?

What You Get

A done-for-you, personalized meal plan is just the beginning. Use the plan on a weekly or monthly basis. You'll also have unlimited access to an app—chock full with a coordinating grocery list, timeline of steps for easy food prep, complete nutritional information for every recipe—and the convenient option to change your dietary plan (Paleo, gluten free, AIP, low carb, vegan, Keto, etc.) at any time. Oh, and easy grocery delivery with Instacart or Amazon? You get that, too.

Most importantly, you get peace of mind. More time with your loved ones. Less time stressing over "What's for dinner?" and more time to enjoy your life.

A Meal Plan For YOUR Life

A meal plan personalized to your specific dietary restrictions, schedule, and preferences is a meal plan you can follow with success. And at an affordable price—without the cost of a specialist? Really, it's a dream come true. 

No-Fuss Grocery Shopping

Each custom meal plan comes with a coordinating complete grocery list for easy shopping through the app or easily print it and take it to the store. Hate grocery shopping? No problem—you can send it straight to Instacart or Amazon and have everything delivered to you!

Food Prep Timeline

Want to work ahead? Not sure when to thaw the frozen meat? Getting wholesome meals on the table is easy with the included food prep timeline—it tells you exactly what to do, and when, to remove the guesswork and keep you on track.

All-Accessible App for On the Go

Your customized meal plan, shopping list, and more are available 24/7 on any device. Save time, money, and food waste by viewing everything at your convenience—even while grocery shopping or waiting in the carpool line. No more impulse buys, perishing food, or time-consuming recipe searches. The work is done for you!

Flexible Dietary Plan

Eating gluten-free and dairy-free? We can handle that. Want to try out Keto? Simply change your dietary plan and your meal plan adjusts to your new specifications, instantly. Want to avoid mushrooms? You can do that, too.

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